November News: It feels like summer is comng 🙂

Finally, it feels like the weather is warming up and we are getting more sunny days, instead of those wet & windy days! Looking forward to having some time to relax and be with the family over Christmas and New Year.

Here to help:

We really want you to get the most out of Holiday Swap over the summer and beyond. Remember we are happy to help if you are not receiving replies to your swap enquiries or if you are having issues with photos you want to upload – or anything else!  Just email me and I can help you:

How can I get more swaps?

I know we have said it before, but good quality photos are so important and will increase the number of Holiday Swap enquiries/swaps you get:

Remember, people want to imagine themselves on holiday in your home or holiday house, so an eye for detail will really benefit your listing. It shows that you’re a thoughtful swapper and helps to show your property in the best way.

First, the basics:

  • Let in the light by opening curtains and putting the lights on
  • Have a proper tidy up (clear away the laundry/ dishes and empty the bins)
  • Remove (or organise) any unnecessary clutter
  • Make the beds and fold the towels

We recommend 8 to 10 photos. Here are some of the important ones to include:

  • The outside of your home
  • Any outside space you have – deck/garden/yard etc
  • Your living room/ lounge
  • Your kitchen
  • At least one bathroom
  • At least one bedroom
  • Anything you make specific reference to in your profile or property description

Show your home for what it is. Holiday swapping is all about having an authentic, local holiday – so don’t get caught up in trying to make your place look like a show home. Focus on making your home the most beautiful version of itself; you’ll struggle to go wrong.

Check your junk/spam:

Please can you look out for holiday swap enquiry emails from other members (they may go into your junk or spam if and are not on your safe senders list) even if you do not want to swap please can you reply to let them know. Just a polite: “Thank you for your swap enquiry but we are not interested in visiting that part of NZ at the moment.” Is all you need to say. 🙂

 Holiday swap stories:

A journalist is interested in hearing about anyone’s swap stories if you live in the Franklin rural area eg: on a lifestyle block/farm.  Here is the link to the publication:   Please let me know if you are happy to be contacted for this.

We would love to hear about your swaps over the summer months – just a few words to let me know how you got on would be great .

Happy to say we have lots more people joining the Holiday swap community. New properties are beingadded daily. Check out some of the latest properties here:

Bye for now and happy swapping!


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