We hope you all had a safe and relaxing break over the festive period.

Are you suffering from “back to work blues”? No better time to start planning your next Holiday Swap. Easter / the school holidays will be upon us before we know it. There are lots of great new properties on the Holiday Swap website, with more being added each week.

Photos, photos, photos:

I know we keep going on about it – but photos are so important for your property listing.  We suggest at least 5 to 10 good quality photos.

We have had a few members say they are not getting any swap requests.

In most cases this is because they have only 1 photo on their property listing and people can’t get an idea of what the home or holiday house is like and so they don’t make a swap enquiry.

If you have any problems trying to upload photos or anything else please just ask: mel@holidayswap.co.nz

Top Tips on swapping:

Be flexible. Stay as flexible as possible about the location and the date of your swap. That is the fun part! Be open-minded and ready for an adventure.

Respond to all messages. It’s okay to say no, but it’s not okay to leave the other side waiting without a response.

Communicate. Talking helps build trust. Get to know the people you are swapping with by exchanging messages, phone calls or arrange a Skype call.

Clean your home. Even if you’re not naturally very tidy you should clean your home before the swap. Dust shelves & tables, clean the floors, vacuum carpets, scrub sinks, toilets and tubs.

Mention you have pets. Mention Fido and Missy, or any other pet you might have. Most swappers are happy to care for each other’s pets, but some suffer from cat or bird allergies and your home might not be suitable for them.

An invitation to participate in a sharing economy study:

Some researchers from Victoria University of Wellington and Stanford University are running a study on the “sharing economy.”

The heart of the sharing economy is the coming together of like- minded people who exchange accommodation, goods, and services with each other. By being a member of Holiday Swap you’re already a part of the sharing economy—and while you’re at it, you get to enjoy an inexpensive holiday somewhere new!

If you have 5 minutes up your sleeve, they would really appreciate your participation in the study. Simply click on the link below to get started & go in a draw to win one of 10 x $25 prezzy cards.



Member Feedback – we love it!  We would love to hear about any swaps you have had – just a few words to let me know how you got on would be great.

Looking forward to lots of swaps in 2017 🙂  Check out the latest properties here: https://holidayswap.co.nz/listings/

Any questions or issues please get in touch.

Happy Swapping!



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