Can I view homes on Holiday Swap for free?
What do I need to list my bach or home on Holiday Swap?
Can I add more than one house?
If I find someone to Holiday Swap with, do we have to go to each other’s homes at the same time?
How do I contact a property owner to suggest a Holiday Swap?
Are my contact details secure?
How do I edit my personal profile/property listing?
Why is my profile not on the website, but I've filled out everything?
How do I know I can trust the people I am swapping with?
How do I become an ID verified member of Holiday Swap?
What do you do about linen?
How does insurance work?
Can you swap cars as part of Holiday Swap?
I rent my home. Can I join Holiday Swap?
How many times can I swap on Holiday Swap?
Can I join Holiday Swap if my property is not in New Zealand?
I am new to house swapping, what do I need to arrange before the swap starts?

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