Can I view homes on Holiday Swap for free?

Yes, it’s free to view houses and check if there are any which you like the look of for your next break or holiday.

However, it’s only after you’ve listed your own bach or home and paid your subscription fee, will you be able to contact other homeowners to arrange a Holiday Swap. We offer a money back guarantee – if you don’t get a swap swap in the 1st year your $49.95 membership fee will be refunded.

What do I need to list my bach or home on Holiday Swap?
  1. Brief description of your property, its location, and why it’s such a great place for a holiday
  2. At least 1 photo, but a minimum of 5 is recommended – The more good quality photos, the more swaps you are likely to get.
  3. Brief description of you. Why? Holiday Swap puts like minded people together to share their holiday experiences. It’s all built on trust. We find our members like to know a little about the people they are swapping with
  4. $49.95 annual subscription fee. One off payment for a whole year of Holiday Swaps. We offer a money back guarantee – if you don’t get a swap swap in the 1st year your $49.95 membership fee will be refunded.

Our simple step by step guide will take you through it all.

Can I add more than one house?

Yes. Your single subscription fee allows you to list as many houses as you like.

If I find someone to Holiday Swap with, do we have to go to each other’s homes at the same time?

No. Once you’ve found someone to Holiday Swap with, you can agree to swap at the same time or at different times, it’s up to you.

How do I contact a property owner to suggest a Holiday Swap?

Once you find a holiday house or home of interest, simply click the “Request Swap” button on that property and you can then send a message to the property owner. Your email will be sent to the other owner from the Holiday Swap website, with your questions or suggesting a swap. The message will include details of your property and they can then reply to that message . Messages then go back and forth using the Holiday Swap messaging system or you can choose to swap personal email addresses and message privately.  You may choose to organise everything by email, over the phone, skype or even face to face, it’s entirely up to you.

Are my contact details secure?

Once you find someone to swap with, you will share email details through the Holiday Swap website.  Your email address will only be visible to members who you have contacted.

How do I edit my personal profile/property listing?

Simply log in using your email and password then click on the drop downs beside your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here you can edit your profile and your bach/home. Any problems please email:

Why is my profile not on the website, but I've filled out everything?

It takes 24 hours for the website to process a new membership. Please be patient. If you have not added any photos of your property it will not be live. Please add at least one photo of your bach or home. Any problems email

How do I know I can trust the people I am swapping with?

Holiday Swap is all about trust. It’s a good idea to get to know the people you are swapping with by email, phone or skype so everyone is comfortable with the swap. Be clear and open about your expectations. We advise people to put away any valuable jewellery or items that are important to them. Lastly don’t forget to look out for members who are ID Verified

How do I become an ID verified member of Holiday Swap?

First you need to sign up to Holiday Swap. Once you have signed up you will be sent a welcome email and information on how to become ID Verified. We will ask you to email us a recent rates/water bill that shows your name and address, and a copy of your driver’s licence or passport. This assures us and other members that you are who you say you are and the property is yours to swap. This information will only be used for ID verification and will not be visible on the website. Once checked, we will place an ID Verified symbol on your profile/property. We have found that members who have been ID Verified get more swaps.


Please allow 24 hours for the ID verified symbol to appear on your profile/property.

What do you do about linen?

We suggest that you discuss this with the member you are swapping with. It’s entirely between you. You can choose to use each other’s or take your own. Communication is the key to a great Holiday Swap.

How does insurance work?

A quick phone call to your home insurance company should ensure your home is fully covered while other people occupy it.

You may need to take out extra cover but do make sure your insurance company is fully aware of what you want to be covered for. Insurance is your sole responsibility.

Can you swap cars as part of Holiday Swap?

Yes you can – it is something that can be discussed between yourselves. Swapping cars can save you even more money – instead of hiring a car. You should check your insurance policy and make sure it covers the other person driving your car.

Remember insurance for both your house and your car is your sole responsibility.

I rent my home. Can I join Holiday Swap?

Yes you can but you must check with your landlord first.

How many times can I swap on Holiday Swap?

You can Holiday Swap as many times as you like during your membership year. There’s no limit!

Can I join Holiday Swap if my property is not in New Zealand?

Yes you can ! Simply Sign up and choose “overseas” as your region when adding your property. All overseas property get an “overseas property ” badge marked on them. Email if you have any questions.


I am new to house swapping, what do I need to arrange before the swap starts?
  1. Agree the exact dates you want to swap.
  2. Agree what to do about linen – sheets & towels . It’s entirely between you. You can choose to use each other’s or take your own.
  3. Agree what to do about cleaning the house when your swap ends . You may agree to clean each others homes before you leave or if you each have a cleaner that comes to your home anyway you may agree to get them to clean instead.
  4. You can exchange personal emails and tel numbers once you feel comfortable. Some members do speak to each other on the phone/skype before they swap but not always – it’s upto you.
  5. Give out the property address and where the keys will be a few days before the swap is due to start. Some members leave an information sheet about their house eg. if the oven is tricky to turn on, what to feed the cat etc. & some information about things to do in the local area.
  6. Communication between you is key – so any questions, ask them.


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