It feels like we are well into winter now…brrr. Lots of members are starting to arrange swaps for Christmas/New Year and beyond. Get organised now & start contacting other members to request swaps for summer.  We suggest contacting at least 4 or 5 members – more if you want of course – as this increases your chance of getting a swap. If you need any help finding a swap just ask:

Winter is also a great time to make sure your property listing is looking it’s best on the Holiday Swap website. Check your photos look good, have an accurate description of your house / things to do locally and update any significant dates/requests you may have.

As always, if you are having any problems with adding photos/editing your property just ask:

Map: We used to have a map on the website with pins for each property but as the number of properties has increased the site became too slow. We are looking at trying to reintroduce the map. We will keep you posted!

Don’t wait – start chatting:
Members who are proactive are the most successful swappers. Don’t wait for others to contact you – get in touch and you could agree a holiday swap in no time at all. Remember to reply to any swap messages quickly – it’s polite and means members can make other plans if you can’t swap with them.

Photos, photos, photos:
I know we keep going on about it…but the more good quality photos of your actual home you have on the site, the more swap requests you will get. Any issues uploading photos or if you want me to do it for you – just email them to:

Swap stories/feedback:
We love to hear about your holiday swaps or any other feedback you have.  Just email:

Browse the properties here:

Happy Swapping!